TPS: Update on Status and Options

TPS recipients from six countries face potential termination of that protection from the Trump Administration, potentially impacting approximately 300,000 people. This resource provides an update on the current status of TPS for these countries and what rights and options beneficiaries have. It also outlines what they might expect as a result of legal challenges to the termination and under a new administration.

Do you know your immigration status?

For many immigrants, learning what their status is does not come into full scope until they apply for driver’s licenses, financial aid, travel documents, or other benefits that are a part of adulthood’s accompanying responsibilities. Regardless of one’s age, however, it is important that everyone understand the differences between the distinct categories recognized by the federal government so as to be well informed and exercise caution throughout daily life.

The Rights of Lawful Permanent Residents (Eng/Spa/etc.)

With the federal government’s growing and constant threat to immigrants of all statuses, the following is a reminder worth noting: permanent residents, or “green card” holders, continue to have all the same rights. This fact sheet provides information on your rights as well as things to keep in mind if you want to travel outside the United States, have been convicted of a crime, or are eligible to naturalize to become a U.S. citizen.

Immigration Preparedness Toolkit (Eng/Spa)

The ILRC’s Immigration Preparedness Toolkit is a resource-packed informational document designed to help immigrants with no legal status or in mixed status families begin to understand the immigration legal landscape and plan for their own journey through an ever-changing, complex system in the United States. This free toolkit offers in-depth, yet easily accessible information that outlines the basics about a variety of topics including: your rights during ICE confrontations, the different types of immigration options available, ideas for building your consultation roadmap, and tips on covering your bases while waiting for relief. This 13-page resource also incorporates links to other helpful reference documents, fact sheets, and tools readers can use to construct their own personalized plan.

Your Day in Court (Eng/Spa)

This community resource provides a brief explanation of the Immigration Court experience. It gives an overview of what happens in Immigration Court, how to confirm information about a case in Immigration Court, and what a person in removal proceedings should do if they do not have an attorney to represent them at an upcoming hearing. This information is useful for community members and advocates working with the immigrant community.

Living in Limbo

Living in Limbo is a multifaceted guide aimed at providing an overview of existing immigration options, ways to earn a living, federal and state benefits and obligations, and ways to protect yourself from deportation.

Step-by-step family preparedness plan (Eng/Spa/etc.)

Every family should have a Family Preparedness Plan. While it is our hope that you never have to use your plan, it is a good practice to have one in place to help reduce the stress of the unexpected. This step-by-step guide will help you create a plan for your children in the event you are not available to care for them.

What immigrant families can do now (Eng/Spa/etc.)

It’s important for everyone to know their rights if approached by an immigration (ICE) agent as well as how families can best prepare for something happening. This resource provides practical tips for things immigrant families can do now to prepare as well as information on rights everyone has in the United States, regardless of immigration status.